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I haven't written in here in ages. Wow, it seems a tad like forever. :-). Well, I have a slew of new pictures to post up somewhere for the world to see. Hmm, what's new. Oh yes. Well, today was absolutely beautiful. Jesse has been here for two weeks visiting. Things have gotten a bit lighter between us, but for some reason I feel as if she's hiding something. I introduced her to Riley last week. He doesn't take very well to her. Then again, who would after being mistaken for the pool-boy. She called the police on him because she saw him in our pool on an air mattress, thinking he was either slacking off on the job or pool hopping. He wasn't too happy about that.
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it's a beautiful day

It's awfully gorgeous out. Mmmm. It's almost like summer, just a tad cooler. I got a call from Daddy today. He wants me to stop by for New Years. He said Jesse's throwing a "wild" bash, and he'd be honored if I attended.

I don't mind. But will Jesse?

It's amazing how she can keep blaming me for something I had no part of. If I could have kept our parents together, I would have. She doesn't hate Vinnie-Ryan. The divorce is my fault.

We're twins. We're supposed to be inseperable. What ever happened to that??

Sometimes, she makes me feel like I'm the bad one. And I really don't know how to handle it. I'm not avoiding her at all, she's avoiding me.

Gracious deary....

Riley woke me up this morning by crashing onto my bedroom floor. He tried to surprise me. He did, by wasting grape juice all over the white persian. I dropped a sweater over it, hopefully Mom doesn't decide to do a "daughter check" If she does, well. It won't be pretty.

I really like him though. We cuddled in bed, watched tv for a while and just talked. Kissed <3. Then Mom woke up and he had to go. But I think I'll drive down to his place today. He wants me to meet his parents. I'm scared.
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tired, it's been a long weekend.

Being home from school on vacation, isn't what its cracked up to be. It's dreadfully boring here. I can't stand it one bit. Yuck. This is the reason I went to school so far from home.

Mother hasn't spent more than 10 minutes with me ever since I came home from school. It's always Carlton wants to do this. Carlton wants to do that. I feel sort of left out in the loop. Not that I care. I know why she's dilly-dallying around with this Carlton Hoopla-Whatever-His-Last-Name-Is. She's money hungry. It's not like we need it or anything. But I don't think it matters to her.

Ever since dad left and took a huge chunk out of our household income, she's be going ape-wacko trying to get it back up to 250,000 again. I tell her it doesn't matter, since she's got more money than she can handle on top of that. But like usual, she pretends I don't exist.

Vinnie-Ryan dropped in from whatever foreign country she toured this week. She had a really nice tan, though. I think she's gone to New Zealand again. I wouldn't blame her, it's very pretty.

She brought some goofy guy named Travis back with her and announced her superficial engagement. Horrah, Horrah. Kudos to them. Though, they do look cute together. When mom saw the rock on her finger, she smiled brighter than she did the first time Carlton picked her up in his fancy schmany custom designed Mercedes. That was blinding.

Last night, I snuck Riley in through the verandah window. He had roses of every color imaginable with him. That made me smile. He can't stand my mom. And mom can't stand him, since he isn't the one of, let's say, wealthiest, boys around. He brought me the song he made for me. And he played it, on the guitar I bought him for christmas. It was absolutely beautiful. We kissed for hours. And thats all. :-)
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